AT³ Staffing Solutions

Our Staffing Process

Our Process

Step 1

Understand the need. We conduct a detailed, structured conversation with the hiring manager to understand what he/she wants and does not want in a candidate.

Step 2

We develop a custom recruiting campaign that sells the opportunity and company, including, a compelling script and an email campaign that sets you apart from your competitors, as a place people want to work.

Step 3

Finding the candidates. We have deep resources, including:

  • Our database: Relationships with thousands of candidates who may be qualified, or who know this person.

  • Access to several different sites that most other agencies do not have.

Step 4

Identify and contact all qualified, interested and available prospects that are in the compensation range.

Step 5

Quality assurance: Screen all potential candidates down to a short list. We then re-screen all, and narrow down to the best of the best.   Typically 3-5 “A-players” per opening, in two weeks or less.

Step 6

Team based approach: All candidates are screened by at least two people.

Step 7

Presenting the candidates: A detailed write up accompanies all resumes so you know why we think they’re the best fit based on the job spec, but also why the candidate is looking, current compensation, relocation considerations or any other motivators.

Step 8

SKYPE: Since we can’t meet all candidates, we SKYPE with them before you meet them.

Step 9

Requalifying: Some candidates lose interest during the process, or find other opportunities. So you don’t waste your effort on qualified, but uninterested candidates, we have detailed process for reaffirming candidate interest level, throughout the process, and especially at the end. Very seldom do our clients make offers without knowing they will be accepted.

Step 10

Manage the offer and onboarding process including reference checks, and assisting with your process of drug-background checking.    Constant communication between acceptance and offer to assure the candidate has no sudden changes in their situation.

Step 11

Follow up on first day, end of first week, and end of first month to assure he/she is happy, but also spot any concerns early.